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Designing For Search Engine Optimization Is Not An Easy Task

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You cannot expect your website to be high in search engine ranking simply by hiring a professional website designer. When it comes to designing a new web site it is paramount that it features high in the search results. There are a lot of things to consider making sure that it does so. Sadly, most beginners and uninformed designers care only about how amazing your site will be.

On the contrary, designers must be cautious not to make a cluttered website with several designs one on top of the other and continue doing it. This practice will unfortunately not serve the primary purpose of the site which is to be found easily when searched for. It is only then a site can deliver the desired contents.

Therefore, it can be concluded that you must not design and put up a web site just for the sake of it.

Proper strategy required

While putting up web sites it is essential that you have a precise and immaculate promotional strategy. Besides that you must also have the proper idea about the best way in which you can put up your website so that it is easily discovered through optimized searching in few of the big search engines such as Yahoo! or Google.

However, this is not easy and not devoid of issues, challenges and obstacles. One of the issues that most designers encounter regarding search engine optimization is that they tend to forget that SEO starts as soon as designing of a web page begins.

Apart from that there are a lot of other things that influences website designing for best SEO results and a wonderful search ranking. It involves the Meta tags and Meta descriptions, creating and putting forward the content and much more for an exceptional SEO.

Things to do

There are lots of things for a designer to do and the most important of all is to believe that SEO is for them as well. It is this belief that will eventually result in a really wonderful website that will keep moving up in the search engine ranking list.

  • Apart from that they must also do a bit of coding along with the designing so that it helps in the optimization of the web page.
  • It is also required to work keeping on-site SEO in mind along with all the things that need to be controlled to make changes in the site rankings.

Ideally, the better is the Search Engine Optimization in Vancouver, the easier it will be for the search engines to ‘crawl’ further and index your web pages. This will determine the relevance of any search and provide a lot of help in its placement.

Plan accordingly

As soon as the creative process begins, a designer must consider the SEO needs knowing what is being designed and for what purpose. When you have a fairly distinct idea you will be able to design a website that is SEO easy. The different elements of your planning must involve:

A splash page – This is an absolute necessary that you nix this idea when you want to design a SEO easy web page. This is an age old technique that has a graphic and ‘Click here’ button and will in no way help your SEO at all. Though there may be a few instances when this may be helpful but in most of the cases it is not especially if you are designing a website that is for specific purpose such as local entertainment news and others. Moreover, all search engines ‘crawl’ depending on your index page and it is a simple splash then you risk someone else visiting your site.

Text design – You will need to make your site and everything in it look good including text, graphics, videos and others. It is required to make sure that the web page makes sense as well as aesthetically pleasing but that does not mean inclusion of too many graphic elements. A sensible design will have a sweet and unique menu, decorative font, intelligible shape of each link, an image map, headers and others so that it is easy to code it.

Help search engines – The search engines cannot read what the graphics say and that is why you will need to focus on the text more than the images and graphics. This will leave enough elements for the search engines to read and ‘crawl’ easily. Make the best use of the advancements in CSS, HTML and the plug-ins to ensure this.

Easy to crawl – You must include elements that will help the Vancouver Search Engine Services easy to ‘crawl.’ This means use of image maps and roll-overs along with all those images for the navigational links must be essentially avoided. As for the text make sure that you do not use too many graphics but focus on the contents because if the search engines cannot find enough content, they will not rank your web page highly.

Reduce the dynamics when you include features in your web design. You must not rely on technologies like Ajax and Flash too much because the search engines do not have adequate support for HTML codes just as it is there for any dynamic content. Therefore, make sure that you use dynamics sparingly especially when you are building a full site. Avoid all Flash based and graphical menus and focus on the text and use animation elsewhere to add a pop to your site.

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