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Creating Email Drip Campaigns With Snovio

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Email outreach platform Snovio offers an exciting feature, namely, email drip campaigns, to their tool. The drip campaigns module is a highly useful tool that will help you automate the email drip campaigns using the inbuilt visual editor. It lets you set up and send a series of emails based upon predetermined triggers. The real-time stats along with a visual analysis tool support you in monitoring and optimizing the campaign for better results.

So, how do you use the Snovio email drip campaigns module? Here’s a quick guide to get started.

Create the prospects list

First of all, you will need an email list to start a campaign. To add a list, click the Prospects tab and look for the Lists button on the left side of the dashboard. Under it, you will find the Add List button. Click the button and fill in the list name in the pop-up window that appears.

Add Email Addresses

Once the list is created, the next step involves adding email addresses to it. For this, choose the email list you want to add the email addresses to. You can then import the email addresses in Excel, CSV, or TXT format. After uploading the list, you can further enrich it with additional information like contact name, position, company, etc. Consider verifying the email addresses on the dashboard, if you haven’t done it before uploading the list.

Create a campaign

Once you have a list complete with email addresses you want to target, it’s time to create a campaign. Click the Campaigns tab at the top of the dashboard. The campaign list will be empty unless you create any campaign. To create a new campaign, click the New drip campaign button on the left side, fill in the required details like campaign name, email account, etc. and choose appropriate settings.

Choose Drip Campaign Components

Snovio drip emails have the following four components:

Start: You need to use the Start component only while starting a campaign. Click the Start element and choose the email list you want to use for the campaign.

Email: Email contains the message you will be sending out to the list. A few features you may take advantage of: email templates created by our marketing department or compose the email by yourself, personalize the subject line and the email body, attach files (up to 3 MB) and trackable links (it’s better to add one only).

Trigger: Trigger is used to automate the campaign. Depending upon the action taken by the recipient, the next step is automatically activated. As of now, you can choose from out of the following two triggers and set the time:

  • Recipient opened the email
  • Recipient clicked on the embedded link

Delay: This element lets you postpone the email sending after the trigger is activated. This means the recipient will receive the next email not right after the trigger action is performed but a bit later (can be customized in hours or days).

Goal: This is the place to define an actionable goal for the campaign. At the end of the campaign, you will get to see how often you have achieved the goal.

Connect the Components

Finally, you must connect each of the components to form an actionable sequence. The campaign must always start with the Start element, followed by Email. Connect these two blocks by drawing a line between them. Next, you should connect all the other elements according to your preferences. Finally, the campaign ends with the Goal component which collects the statistics for the campaign.

Save and Start

After you are done through the above steps, just click the Save and start button to launch the campaign. That’s it. Now you can sit back and follow the stats. But don’t forget to fine-tune the campaign based upon the analysis of results.

You can build and run from a super simple to ultra complex campaigns using the Snovio drip emails tool. The boost in sales and revenue you can achieve is only limited by your imagination!

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