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Classic Chaos is Here with 2 New Gorgeous Environments

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The new version of Chaos Reborn sees the introduction(News Via Kickstarter) of Classic Chaos multiplayer mode. In this game mode each player has a wizard with the same standard staff and bodygear with a random selection of spells. There is a separate league competition just for Classic Chaos, so for those of you who prefer this mode you will be able to win fame and glory.

We have also added two new battle environments – Ruins and Citadel – along with a new batch of multiplayer maps. They look really fantastic! Here are some more details and screenshots:


In the Realms of Chaos the Ruins are the shattered remnants of civilisations from the old world, scattered throughout the fractured worlds. They are places where great magical knowledge may be preserved, and they are always guarded by powerful Wizard Lords.


In the fractured worlds the Wizard Kings have created fortresses equipped with powerful magical technology, maintained by alchemists and apprentices. Each citadel is governed by a Wizard Lord whose role is to help defend the realm by summoning creatures and binding them permanently to serve as reinforcements in strategic locations.

Balancing and bug fixes

Over the last couple of months we have been using sophisticated analytics tools to gather data from played games. This has enabled us to pinpoint many balance issues. So with this update we have made a significant number of tweaks. In particular, Law spells are no longer so powerful compared to Chaos or Neutral. There are also plenty of bug fixes.

The Realms of Chaos

We have also been hard at work implementing the single player realm exploration mode. An initial version of this will be released in June, and will also feature a co-op mode allowing you to recruit an ally for any battle.

Here is a sneak preview of work in progress on the main realm exploration screen:

News Source – Kickstarter

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