Hard Drives

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How many times does it happen that you are looking for a gadget and you are confused about which one to buy? There are so many constraints while buying an electronic gadget the first one being the budget. It is very much important for a customer to buy a suitable gadget as per the budget otherwise it can be of no use. The next most important thing is features of the gadget; sometimes a customer buys the gadget with latest features but ends up using not many of those features. At Killerfeatures, the experts work all time to find the ...

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Data Recovery Software Solve Your Data Troubles

The recently launched data recovery software is meant to help users recover their lost, formatted and deleted data from their PC, laptops and other removable devices, such as external hard drive, memory cards, and mobile phone within a short time and with ease through its newly released features.  Let me introduce one of data recovery software to you , it has some important functions help you recover your data : Powerful data recovery The free version offers you with two scanning modes. The first is the quick scan, which helps you recover deleted files, and the deep scan, which helps ...

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Top 5 External Hard Drives Company of 2016

More and more people are opting for an external hard drive to upgrade their lapotop’s storage capacity. When it comes to keeping personal data safe, many find themselves up against Murphy’s Law — phones in the toilet, vanishing luggage, and laptops swimming in chai tea. Backing up personal data from your gadgets to a separate device is the number-one way to ensure the security of your information, and that’s why choosing the right external hard drive is an absolute must. While solid state drives (SSDs) remain relatively expensive for the amount of storage on offer, standard USB external hard drives ...

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