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Guilty of Making these blunders while designing letterheads?

Guilty of Making these blunders while designing letterheads?
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Letterheads are imperative for your business as it represents the whole company and brand. So designing them such that they look professional as well as appealing is pivotal. They are also the first point of contact between you and your employers, the official proof but still, many companies use poorly designed letterheads.

Guilty of Making these blunders while designing letterheads?

Understand its role and design it accordingly, make sure that it follows the theme of your marketing tools like the logo as consistency is an important factor for the brand to be popular.

If you want to achieve the perfect letterhead goal, make sure you don’t commit these mistake.

1. Not following standards using creativity as an excuse

This is a big mistake, following standard guidelines for making letterhead is important. Having some standards like placing all elements in a correct manner is useful while folding them to put into an envelope so that the address is visible and having enough space for punching holes is necessary too. This doesn’t mean that you can’t be creative with them, but also make sure that they follow some protocols to maintain the professionalism.

2. Simplicity is best

If you don’t want to hire any designer and want to do it yourself, the best thing is to keep the letterhead design simple. It attracts more people and is the fundamental rule and makes the chances of having a bad letterhead less. So note that you don’t use too much graphics or colors as it may confuse and take the limelight away from the actual message.

3. Including information that is not relevant

Letterhead is not a biography of your company that you include every little detail about it. Only add things that are relevant to this like your contact information like email address, return address, phone number and fax if you think its necessary. Don’t clutter it, otherwise it becomes too messy and the message is lost.

4. Using lots of images

Just like the above point, having too many images have no purpose in a letterhead. So, keep the number of photos to minimal, and if you use any picture make sure its size is not too big.

5. Using too much color or not using the brand color

If you think that using too much color or gradient will help your letterhead look different and unique. You’re wrong; it will just hide the information it needs to convey which is the main purpose of a letterhead.

Also, another mistake in regard to color can be not using the brand colors. They are the color you used in your logo, so make sure you follow the same theme. Keep it simple and let the brand identity dominate it for more effect.

6. Not having something to focus on

Any business letterhead needs to have a focal point that guides their eye to follow the things according to its importance. The focus point can be the logo or the business name in case the first one is absent. This will help the person reading get familiar with everything important according to its priority. Placing everything haphazardly is one of the big mistakes on your part.

7. More than two pages can be similar

Sometimes the content of the letterhead runs for more than one page, but that doesn’t mean that you keep both the page same. Keep all the relevant information on the first page, and all other details, that you would like to include can be placed on the next pages. This means making two version of the letterhead. Also, logo and company name should be used on all pages but can be used in a smaller size.

So guys, these are some of the blunders many of us commit while designing business letterheads, additionally there are various tools too. These tools provide you amazing ready-to-use letterhead designs. And the best part, many of these tools are absolutely free too. So all ready to get started?

Prince Kapoor

Prince Kapoor is seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out at www.princekapoor.com

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