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If you are a big data consultant, you must be prepared for your life to take many turns. In case you are interested in taking up this as career, you need to make sure you have figured out how the consultants fits themselves within the organizational framework from the bottom-up execution and top-down planning.

Big data consulting careers can be highly promising career, both intellectually and financially. But the high reward would come with really high set of expectations and demands. For instance, you will be expected to spend almost 90 percent of your office hours concluding the billable time. You could bill your working hours when you work intensively on your customer’s project.

Consultant definition

A consultant is essentially a problem solver. A consultant needs to recognize what has to be done to enable businesses come out of their work pressures.


Consultants are essentially of two categories: system integrator and management consultant. While system integrators focus on implementing the technology and management consultants focus on business as well as the strategy and technology of business.

System Integrators

They are responsible towards actual implementation work or towards project delivery. Certain questions system integrators are hired for answering are:

  1. When a company is constructing a team of big data and would require expert analytics to help the businesses execute. It is systems integrators who stitch up the gaps in skills within companies.
  2. The CIO supports marketing vertical on big data, where help is needed towards establishing best practices in the field of data management. the task of systems integrator would not be just to provide discrete set of talents, but at the same time managing huge projects, providing best in industry practices, and teaching the clients how they should execute the projects after the system administrators have left.
  3. The company has an IT team but no Hadoop skills and needs consultants for six months. A system integrator could teach the entire team with skills for a fixed schedule maybe six months or more.

Management Consultants

The task of management consultants is focusing on planning and strategy. They have to operate at an executive level and work on the issues that make impact on company’s balance sheet. Some common questions that management consultants get hired for answering are:

  1. What is the significance of big data to any enterprise? As management consultant the job is to help set up strategies and create a road map so that entrepreneurs are able to address the issue. A management consultant would help the business translate its technology to business value through driving out costs or by increasing the revenues from big data application.
  2. What is the significance of big data for any organization and how the organization is going to react? The conditions of the market are changing as competitors are taking big data. The onus lies with management consultants to help the businesses adjust to the continuously changing market conditions.
  3. In case a business uses third-party data feeds from social media towards product pricing decision making. Can the same be done to the firm without bothering about privacy? In such a situation management consultants can drive a business policy and design how a corporate would use data. At times its illegal using customer info for business as there is fear of eroding trust. These fears can be answered by a management consultant.
  4. There is need of using big data for your company, but you have no understanding of where to begin and what this could signify for the operational model. What do you do? Management consultants give a strategic road map to the clients so that new initiatives can be implemented. With plans like these, clients could employ people also hire some systems integrators to implement work.

As a management consultant, the job is to produce income at the same time build value for the client. Fee income means a measure to enable consulting firms earn their finances. While working and producing for the consulting firm, a management consultant also needs to provide value for the clients, else the business won’t be hired to generate fee income. The higher experience one has as a management consultant, the higher money one could bill. In most of the firms, a senior manager would be expected to create newer revenue for this practice. This happens to be a critical move in gaining a principal or partner rank in a company.

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