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Best Ideas to Build Multiple Screens HTML5 Ads

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Today’s world is more mobile than ever, not every consumer uses the same smart device, not every mobile phone or tablet function in the same way. There has been a confusion for developers for years but this is going to change now. Today’s multiple screens experiences in HTML5 ads are not only realistic, but are also to guarantee that more and more people see your Rich media ads or campaigns. If you are interested in developing Rich Media HTML5 ads on multiple screens, here are some of the best ideas to consider while doing so.

Your Content is the Key, It Needs to be Engaging and Powerful

Content is the major key to consider when developing multi-screen HTML5 ads, you cannot ignore quality when it comes to working on html5 multi-screen ads. If your content is not good enough, consumers will have no interest in checking out your content and will immediately move away, so think of something creative and more powerful in order to keep customers engaged and interact with your rich media ads. This will help strengthen your brand awareness as well as help build a pool of strong audience who will check your banner ad content frequently whenever there is something new that you have introduced.

Your Html5 Ad needs to be User Friendly

In Rich Media Html5 ad, make your content as user friendly as possible for the users, it needs to be straight and to the point, make it as smooth as possible so that users can easily navigate through the content of your media ads. You can design your banner ads in such a way that involves less steps to get to the page you want your customers to be. It can be organized in a good way if you plan your things out well in advance and make it practical.

Performance and Functions of Rich Media Ads                

Your html5 banner ads should be designed in such a way that is optimized for best experience on every device, you need to consider the performance of ads that you design, consider the file size and quality. It should be working for pretty much any device. If html5 banner ads contain too much content and file size is huge it will take a lot of loading time and users might not actually see the whole and move way. So, consider these things before developing any html5 advert. Html5 Advertisement banners that contain too much content results in wasted impressions when users is connected to a low speed internet.

Go Social with It

Social media is still a key part when it comes to any good ad campaign, this way you can keep your audience engaged and up to date with the latest offerings, so in order to do that you need to add some social button to your html5 rich media ads and make it click-able, so that whenever a user clicks on any social button it will redirect them to the desired platform for your product page and you will get likes and shares that way it will increase your audience and overall interactivity will improve too. So, one cannot deny the importance of social media in today’s world. Facebook, Twitter & Linked are the top examples where people do like to advertise their content.

Eye Catchy Material

You should also consider adding some animated content and some rich content your rich media html5 ads, rich media ads have proven to be a good source of higher engagement and higher CTRs when compared to standard banner ads. The reason is that rich media ads give you the ability to add video, audio and several other elements to ads. Make sure animations are good and smooth and user friendly. This will help boosting overall performance.

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