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Best Business Simulation Games for PC

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Starting a new firm and managing it isn’t a kid’s play. To take up a firm, you will need capital. If you have no money to invest at a business or you also want to find the sensation of being a super rich and successful entrepreneur, then you have to engage in a business simulation games.

In BS games, you play with the part of a CEO/CMD of a firm or a budding entrepreneur. You must take up a new business or manage an existing firm. To secure the match, you must take the business to the next level. There are many business simulation games, but the games we’ve discussed below are the people that you’ll enjoy the most.

Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is business simulation game developed by Microsoft Corporation. In Zoo Tycoon, the computer assigns the player an empty zoo. The aim of this player is to make the Zoo hot and profitable. The single means to make Zoo popular and profitable is to attract people. Visitors will reach the zoo only as long as your zoo has good attraction points.

The players must hire animal caretakers, build habitats and buy animals. Once your Zoo has enough critters and attraction points, your zoo’s ticket counter will soon be busy. Players must keep an eye on the wellbeing of the animals and cages. When the cage is broken, you must fix it else that the critters will escape and hurt your visitors.

The player can build tracks, burger stands, washrooms, icecream parlors within their Zoo. The 1 st edition of Zoo Tycoon premiered in 2001. Microsoft Game Studios have launched the latest edition of Zoo Tycoon in 2017. Zoo Tycoon provides you with a fantastic idea of running a Zoo business. It supports Windows, XBox, OS X platforms.

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Rollercoaster Tycoon:

Rollercoaster Tycoon is a business simulation game where the player assembles a amusement park and also oversees it. The game enables you to construct rides of varied sorts from the playground. As in Zoo Tycoon, you also can place and alter ticket price, build ridesand attractions, etc..

The RCT match player’s aim is to construct the park’s standing by keeping the traffic happy. When there is an accident at the playground or in the event the customer does not locate a facility he is searching for, then the standing will fall.If your playground has a fantastic standing and whether the tickets are more affordable, the playground will probably have a huge number of daily traffic it will fight financially.

Rollercoaster Tycoon game is currently available for Windows, Android, and also IOS platform. It’s the ideal game such as Zoo Tycoon.

Transport Tycoon

The Transport Tycoon game is put back in 1930. To start with this match, the player must borrow money to construct a modest transport business. Once you borrow the money, build a station near a factory and buy some trucks. If the factory is found near a sea or ocean, obtain a ship. Now, wait for some requests.

Once you deliver exactly the very first order in time, your standing will increase. The greater your reputation is, the greater orders you’ll receive. If you survive for a century (till 20 30 ), then you’ll win the match along with your name will be enrolled in the hall of fame. The game is interesting and hard. It has a number of scenarios.

Transport Tycoon demonstrates the way technology has evolved on the previous 90 decades. It is interesting to play with. If you love heavy duty vehicles, then Transport Tycoon game is for you personally.

Supported platforms: Sony PS, Android, Windows, IOS, Macintosh.


Capitalism is just a business simulation game in which you play with the role of a entrepreneur. You’ve got to prepare a business and grow the business to a multinational firm.

Capitalism enables you to construct a headquarters, farms, R & D centers, product manufacturing components, residential complexes, malls, etc.. In case you develop a factory, you may place the product’s price. Like wise, in the event that you build an apartment complex, you may place the price of flats from the Capitalism match.

The game comes with a minimap plus it has many difficulty levels. Capitalism gives you detailed statistics of these businesses under your control. There is absolutely no limit on the quantity of profit your business makes in this game. Hence, you get a good likelihood of becoming a digital billionaire or multi-millionaire.

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