Saturday, July 21, 2018

Shashank R Singh

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Top 5 External Hard Drives Company of 2016

More and more people are opting for an external hard drive to upgrade their lapotop’s storage capacity. When it comes to keeping personal data safe, many find themselves up against Murphy’s Law — phones in the toilet, vanishing luggage, and laptops swimming in chai tea. Backing up personal data from your gadgets to a separate device is the number-one way to ensure the security of your information, and that’s why choosing the right external hard drive is an absolute must. While solid state drives (SSDs) remain relatively expensive for the amount of storage on offer, standard USB external hard drives ...

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Facebook Messenger Rolling Out Some Code to Finding Friends Easier

Facebook is making chatting with friends on its companion messaging app even easier by launching a new feature that would eliminate the need to search through all your contacts to start a conversation. By scanning a special code on Facebook Messenger, users will be able to pull up that newly added friend without having to manually type in their name or scroll through their friend list. The codes can also be used to bring up business accounts, which will come in handy since Facebook allows businesses to connect with its customers via Messenger to provide them with customer service. It ...

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4 Best Job Search Website for IT Professionals

If you’re looking for a fulfilling job in IT, you need to narrow down the list of openings by choosing your top 10 that are most appealing. Then, invest time and attention in applying for these jobs that interest you the most. This strategy is better than sending many non-personalized cover letters and resumes in response to a slew of job postings. To help you find the jobs that deserve a spot on your top 10 list, here’s a list of the four best sites for IT professionals searching for a position. Glassdoor is like the granddaddy of company ...

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The Balance of Power and Influencer Marketing

As with any marketing campaign involving endorsements, there is a balance of power that defines the relationship between the business or brand and the people who help elevate them. While this may not always lead to a power struggle, it is something both sides have to be aware of. In the arena of influencer marketing, the balance is between social media personalities and the brands they help promote. While these partnerships are mutually beneficial, the influencer is just as invested in their branding as the businesses they represent — and, what’s more, is that they have complete control over their ...

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AMD And NVIDIA Stand To Get Benefit From Oculus Launch – Forbes

Oculus Rift finally came to the public yesterday. After years of speculation and more preview events than I can count, Facebook’s magic headset finally hit the market with 30 games to its name. It did so with little fanfare: no big press conference, no launch party, and no headsets even for the majority of preorders. But make no mistake: yesterday was a very big deal. The Oculus Rift will be followed to market by the HTC Vive and Sony’s Playstation VR, marking the slow progression to true mass market VR. Some have their reasons to be skeptical, but I don’t ...

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Witcher 3 New Infographic

According to the official Twitter account of the game,the game will unlock in Europe at 1 AM CET.Gamestop details the features of the game in the following image :

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Playstation Gear Watches are Coming

Recently I just found a good news for gamers that PlayStation gear watches are coming soon. Apparently it can be a good news for gamers. I don’t know its a rumor or real thing, but I’m sure that it will be available very soon. Coming soon to PlayStation Gear Store: — PlayStation (@PlayStation) April 28, 2015 I have a lack of information about date of launch or presentation. So I cannot explain it with my way. Be alert gamers it will be available soon. Read Also : Hidden Easter Egg in Black Ops 3 Box Art

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How to Disable Windows 8 Lockscreen

Here’s a quick guide on how to disable windows 8 lock screen on your desktop. Navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization. Double click “Do not display the lock screen,” and select Enabled from the dialog that pops up. Hit the Start key, type gpedit.msc , and press Enter. .. If the above guide does not works for you,you can simply download the below files to disable the lockscreen and to again restore it. Now Check Registry Editor.

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