rosie harman

My name is Rosie Harman (formerly Rosalie Glubbons), and I am a relationship coach, Yoga maestro and blogger. I write for, and try to present my critical take on the latest sociocultural trends that dominate the blogosphere. I live in Indian River County, FL. My relationship status is single

Facilitating Multiculturalism with a TV Internet Service

The end of the Second World War signaled the onset of a ‘New World Order’; a trade-centric worldview which derived its impetus from the understanding that the rapid diffusion of people across ethnic and cultural borders would facilitate the brokerage of international peace. Through trade, which may generally be understood in terms of the large-scale transfer of people across socio-political divides (for the purposes of mutual individual or communal benefit), different regions of the planet (which specialized in the production of specific goods and services) became co-dependent on others – and were affected by the dissemination of a complementary ‘multicultural’ ...

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