Harris Scott

Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.

Why Instagram Is the Ideal Partner for Email Marketing

Email marketing was one of the earliest forms of online marketing and persists to this day. Unfortunately, recent surveys indicate that less than 10% of email marketers are convinced that their use of images to drive engagement is working as well as it should. This is why a lot of marketers have been pushed towards the wondrous realm of social media where finding and targeting customers is easier than ever. By merging social media with email, a lot of marketers are seeing significantly better results. Most of these integrations are in their simplest form- more than 3/4ths of it is ...

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Tips and tricks to attract new followers on Instagram

Hosting your business on Instagram should serve the basic purpose of attracting people to it. Unless you have a good following on Instagram how you can expect your sales to grow? The platform has literally translated into a hub for business seekers who can gain considerable mileage from it. The powers of social media in making a business grow had already been established and Instagram has literally blown the lid off with its enormous abilities of engagement. Staying connected with customers is now a delight – thanks to Instagram that is now the focal point of attraction in the social ...

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Web Design Tricks from Experts to Sharpen Your Instagram Business Profile

While planning a wonderful promotional plan for Instagram, often many of you simply do not remember to take into account some of the most critical aspects of Instagram Business like Instagram Bio. Do not forget that your Instagram profile is of utmost importance as it is like a window to your Instagram account and users could be creating their first impression about your business by browsing through your Instagram Business profile. It is like the foundation on which your entire Instagram brand promotion and marketing is relying on. Moreover, your Instagram business profile acts as the singular link that would ...

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