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Artificial Intelligence: The Real GOD!

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AI is God for tech-savvy people!

Ask about the acronym AI from any techie, the level of joy and excitement will be at the peak of Burj Khalifa. The beginner or a person who just have heard the word Artificial Intelligence might blab. The mediocre in this field can provide you with the definition. The enthusiast will give you an explanation. A passionate entirely will fall short of words or might stammer while answering.

How does even our brain work, ever had a thought?

Yeah, you do, and I can also bet on this that, you do have attended high school just like me. We both know the biological functioning, of this giant pumpkin placed over our torso.

The biological explanation of the brain working is time-consuming so let’s focus on AI which the human brain has invented for the welfare of humanity.

Artificial Intelligence is like human intelligence. The only difference is that it’s the creative power provided to machines, so that every mechanical or non-mechanical device can adapt the human patterns and be cognitive.

Artificial Intelligence: The When, How and Now!

“AI:  It’s untrollable, uncontrollable and for some it’s rollable.”

All the time, machine learning and artificial intelligence are termed as to be the one. But it’s not true. Both are different.

An Artificial Intelligence Course clears this doubt more profoundly where it explains all the AI concepts and its subbranches in detail, thus, enhancing the knowledge of all the tech lovers thinking of going into this field.

AI is overly dominating in almost every field. If not now then in forthcoming 20 or 30 years, every machine will have the capability to THINK for itself. The human feelings will be fed into them making them much like humans.

Whole AI revolves around machine learning and neural networks. New forms of learnings are taking birth, such as meta-learning, transfer learning and much more where they all bring into practice a network of artificially created neurons.

It’s not that before 2011 or 2012 there was no spark or kindle of AI. In fact in the mid-‘90s only, we had the mathematical algorithms. The line’s equations which are used to fit the data had been even before the 20th century. Not to forget the concepts of probability, statistics, algebra, graph, trees, etc. were all there and lived hale and hearty, way before even Lord Jesus.

It’s just that the computer versions of these algorithms came into existence after a long breathtaking pause. But now one can see a vast blaze of AI. The flames are so high and scattered that each overlord couldn’t escape its scorching heat.

From the east coast to the west coast a lot is pinchinging in Silicon Valley. Startups are emerging in this domain. The second step they climb is of hiring other developers but first, the ones who know the universe of AI/ML/DL(Machine Learning, Deep Learning).

The business tycoons along with the ancestors of Computers are massively investing in applications of AI. Enormous labor with high skills and right talent are being chased. It hasn’t been too long for the follow-up.

The marvelous and such a keen interest by the big names Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, IBM, etc. was shown and started by them in 2014, because the hunger of independent and cognitive applications was sky bursting at that time.

The Real World Applications of AI

It’s a subject that needs no reference for its claims. I mean it has undergone in every field naming from:

Medicine, Healthcare, Banking, marketing, speech recognition, natural language processing, cognitive computing, cyber security, video analysis, image recognition, automobiles, Gaming, AR to VR, simulation and what else! Name it and, I’ll be there to talk the whole night.

Let’s explore some of them:


We all visit the hospitals, where our diagnosis is mostly done by the machines. So precision and accuracy are at stake. This is only possible as we have AI-powered  machines which do the real-time diagnosis. One such amazing invention is smart pills which do the same work as that of needles and injections without much efforts and pain.

#Cyber World

What we live and feed is the cyber world, where privacy and security are each individuals birthright. To make sure the certainty, the foremost and reliable models, algorithms are being devised which are automated and specially designed to build the trust factor.

Threat Intelligence is a remarkable cyber software powered by AI helping humans to get powerful cyber insights.


Though we have very fewer data and information in the field of simulation. However, the ongoing researches every day are trying to embed improved learning or adaptive behavior in simulation, backed up by AI and ML robust algorithms.

Scope of AI

It’s never-ending, just like there is no end to human perception.

AI is that pool which has a mixture of edibles like Core model developer, Image recognition, Video analysis, speech synthesis, NLP and many others.

The ones who did start in the early days they are going to be the pioneers.  There’s a lot of research occurring, in alligators of IT, for their use cases in Deep Learning. The subject always appears in headlines on the front page of pond fish and sharks of IT ocean.

Undoubtedly, AI is the Present, and certainly, it is our Future as well!

AI Jobs

Since its a gigantic ship this requires ample of workers, coworkers to take care of. So don’t worry about the job. The rightful and deserving candidate will sit on thrones. 

The positions start with the profiles as a Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer. The great white tiger sharks of IT and new foundations have a significant surge of AI professionals and experts, locally as well as globally.

Just due to the lack of right talent almost 50,000 jobs are vacant. The lag of quality is seen a lot. In spite of eye-catching opportunities, the AI jobs gap is not filled. The only reason for the huge gap, being given by the companies, is that they require a higher skill set on the data platform

Approximately 12% of the jobs were formulated in the e-commerce sector in 2017. Economic times also says that the amount of AI engineers required in healthcare (12%), 8% in energy and utilities, 6 percent in telecom and the list does not stop here.


These engineers withdraw heavily weighed payslips every month. They even have better exposure to promotions than other dignitaries. The salary withdrawn by a fresher in India is near about 20k to 30K per month.

If the person is little experienced with one or two years, then he fetches himself a more substantial paycheck in comparison to other chairs in the office. The salaries are ranging in 15-20 lakhs annually. The reason for its high pay scales is that Artificial Intelligence is incredibly technical and specialized.

The AI desk holders include programming machines for specific purposes: knowledge, reasoning, problem-solving, perception learning, manipulate the data and much more which proves its vitality in all forms.

The Wick

Not a single person on earth exists who is not carrying an electronic gadget. Every being of any age group uses a smartphone in the 21st century. This hammers the lords to implicate well optimized and efficient applications in their devices.

On top of this the want of nowadays business’ is that the applications must be robust, self-learning, and fast. This can only be achieved by implementing the techniques of AI. The AI developed projects outstands every aspect and requirement of bosses.

They are resulting in good healthy states of mind and soul of both machines and coders.

Stuart Clock

Stuart Clock is a web entrepreneur and he loves to write about tech, gadgets and latest trending news. He explores his words in the article with his tremendous skill. Apart from blogging, he is doing journalism and working hard as an editor in some tech/world news sites. His ambition to be a famous blogger in the web world. Apart from his business he loves to do travelling, playing cricket and snooker is his favourite game.

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