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Android App Development Predictions for 2019

Technology trends in mobile apps
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Android App Development industry trends are changing rapidly. These trends have changed the behavior of users to interact with their devices and thus the development process also improves a lot. Let’s discuss 3 topics which we gathered from the different online resources.

## Voice Search and Assistants

  • Voice Search: Voice-search programming is an awesome tool for current days. It is ending up progressively well known, in view of the tremendous proportion of the better voice recognition capacities of the present smartphones like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. There is an expanded interest for better UIs, especially from a user who doesn’t wish to totally rely upon a touchscreen feature to command their cell phone.
  • Assistants: Siri, Google Assistant, Bixby, Alexa, Cortana are different types of Voice Assistants. We can see that developing fame of Assistants will make another ecosystem of applications that are work for particular aide. The initial phase toward this path is “Actions” and “Slices” presented at Google I/O, which empower applications to incorporate with Assistant straightforwardly on the gadget. You can state “Hello Google, add salt to my shopping list” and it will send data to the right application on your gadget.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots are extraordinary tools for customer services. Many social networking sites have integrated chatbots.

## Structure of Android Apps

  • Architecture Guidelines: After many years Google has shared architecture guidelines to for Android App Development. In the past developers were confused about which architecture is best MVC, MVP, MVVM or something else, now finished. And we trust Google. And this reduces the confusion in the developers’ community and they can deliver more stable apps.
  • Instant Apps: With increasing demands of On-demand app solutions and IoT, the majority of Apps developed instant modules which are quick in use and full functionality can be accessible after installation.
  • Async APIs: Third party tools like AsyncTask and EventBus, Android developers can easily implement multithreading. Now they have options like RxJava, Kotlin Coroutines, and Android LiveData. Download any Android Apk here.
  • Multiplatform and Hybrid Solution: React Native is one of the great inventions which can be used to share the code between one or more platforms. Other inventions are Flutter and Kotlin Native.

## Emerging Technologies

1) Machine Learning: Machine learning, is a part of artificial intelligence, can tailor your app according to specific user needs.

Here are the ways to implement the Machine Learning in Mobile App Development.

  • Customization: The best example of this is, “People you might know” in your Facebook or “Recommendations” on YouTube. I help to find the data relevant to particular use only.
  • Searching Faster and Easier: Add functionality like ranking, spelling correction, voice searches, suggestions which can help in searching.
  • Boost Sales: E-commerce Apps can raise their sales using Machine learning. According to purchase the pattern and searching requests you can send recommendations to the user.
  • Mining Big Data: By analyzing data like age, gender, searches, and frequency of app usage, you will get more precise data about users’ preferences and behavior.
  • Visual and Audio Recognition: Shazam and Snapchat are the most successful apps which use Machine learning through image, video and sound recognition systems.
  • Fast and Secured Authentication: Face recognition and Biometric to pass user identification and authentication processes made apps faster to use.

2) AR

Currently, AR is really useful in games and headset apps to see the things realistic. Brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, and Urban Decay allowing users to try makeup on the face with the help of AR.

The upcoming year will be very interesting for Android application development. We will see a lot of new technologies emerging that will shape the future of mobile app development. Kanhasoft – as Android app developer, is always ready and eager to implement these trends in your Android app development project.

Carol Dobson

Carol Dobson is the Marketing Manager at the Kanhasoft - leading CRM and ERP Development Company. She loves to share content about the Amazon seller applications, PHP, .Net, Android, iOS and Django development.

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