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Aluratek 2600 mAh External Battery Pack for iPhone 5

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Welcome Aluratek 2600 mAh External Battery Pack for iPhone 5. This product is a great product to use for anyone who has the iPhone 5 but also those who wants to market their brands through promotional power bank.

Why offer promotional power bank if you are a company?

Well with power bank, you can never go wrong with your marketing. This is because you get to have the best results for your brand with the least effort on your side. With Aluratek 2600 mAh by your side you get the results you need to market your brand and also get the results when it comes to quality. With this said, we will break the content of this blog to the benefits of having Aluratek and having promotional power bank wholesale deals for your marketing.

Aluratek 2600 mAh

Has a Mid Capacity, 2600mAh; 1-2 full charges or add 24 hours talk time to your iPhone 5S/ 5C 4S / 4G / 3GS; 1-2 charges for Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3, 100 hours + audio playback, or 100%-150% to the battery life of most mobile phones.

The benefits of having Aluratek is that it is compact, portable & stylish design – this allows you to easily get the favor of your clients. Clients love to have a portable and stylish design that fits for their needs like travel and fast paced lifestyle. It also easily fits into any bag to provide instant power. Nonetheless, it is perfect for long plane flights, road trips, or whenever you need to charge your mobile devices wherever you are.

This product has a convenient flashlight updated to prevent accidental activation. This lights only after pressing the power button for 2 seconds. It has 4 LED indicators to reveal the battery level. And here is the input information: DC 5V 1A, charges via standard USB.

This product is undoubtedly the best promotional product to have these days and it certainly works a lot for your brand. Go ahead and purchase this for your self use or for even having a promotional power bank wholesale deal. The price is just right and you already have a quality product that gets you results.

As you have known the specs already, here are some more details on why choose promotional power bank for your deals.

Promotional Power bank

This is the use of this powerful product for your brand to build a better means to market your brand without you causing trouble. Promotional power bank is easy to figure out. Clients will love to have it and they will find it easy to use on a regular basis. This is what you want since they want to have the best results for your brand.

You can definitely get the best results with this marketing. You will be able to shock your clients. The element of shock is so important for your brand since it will give you a lot more results in your marketing. This is what you want to go for when it comes to marketing.

Furthermore, you get to have a great deal with promotional power bank if you purchase it from the right supplier. For example, you get to have promotional power bank wholesale for your brand today.

With a wholesale deal you get the advantage of delivering the right products to your clients without hurting your pocket so much.


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