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Advantages and Drawback of Mobile Marketing

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Let’s just start with an obvious ‘fact’ – 69% of people spend their recreational time on their smart phones. If you are reading this, there are chances that you are reading this on your phone as well. Mobile has dominated every other gadget in existence.

Phones drive 85% of internet usage and surpass every other form of multimedia devices by leaps and bounds. Hence, it would be foolish Not to take advantage of the platform which caters an audience so huge. This is why mobile marketing wins in every case of marketing, because it is too big to fail.

Like most of the things around us, Mobile marketing has advantages and disadvantages too. Advantages are for people who know about this, and disadvantages are for rookies and people who don’t actually know the things they have to do to get the results.

Both are listed and explained below:

Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing has a larger audience

Phones and tablet devices are more affordable nowadays, they are compact and they surely beat your regular old computer to the ground. The internet providers are also expanding themselves to reach a larger audience and penetrate into the rural aspect of the countries as well. Hence, the users are increasing day by day and so is the market for your product.

Immediate results

The best thing is that you get instant results and it saves you a lot of hassle. The word ‘hassle’ here means that you don’t have to go through the pain and Google, Mobile Marketing agency in Delhi, or Mobile Marketing Agency in Gurgaon to find the right agency to cater your product’s branding. You can do it yourself. You can get the feedback instantly via comments and like and can improve your content as per your audience’s demand.

Easy to work with

The elements that can be formed in mobile marketing are cheap and more effective. They are also easier as this medium focuses on more information and less pre-production. and then show that coupon at checkout – without an internet connection – to receive the discount.

Tracking response

A typical user’s response can be tracked immediately. This marketing is an effective way of collecting user’s data. Mobile databases that require phone numbers and unique ID are more versatile and better than the rest. These databases help you analyze and strategies your marketing route.

Drawbacks of Mobile Marketing

Platforms too assorted

PC and laptops have standards and norms of how they are to be made or should be made, mobiles phones don’t have that. Phones and tablets come many sizes and dimensions with a variable screen size. The operating systems and the browsers are often different in mobile phones. Hence, a single campaign won’t do justice to every mobile phone.

Privacy issues

The most common and cursed problem of all, but still, a major issue even now. Mobile marketers need to understand that people like to keep their privacy and you shouldn’t bombard it with your ‘creative’ campaigns. Marketers should offer crystal clear instructions to their users about their future campaigns.

Navigation on a mobile phone

There is no mouse for a mobile phone; hence, the navigation process on a phone is dull and sometimes inaccurate. The touch screen may get hard for user and many of your ads can get lost into the oblivion when the navigation on a phone errors.

The above were some advantages and disadvantages of mobile marketing and it doesn’t matter even if you contact any mobile marketing agency in Gurgaon or in your city, they are all going to state these pros and cons.

Mobile has a world inside it and only people who know how to market successfully there can conquer that world.

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