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A Guide to Build An eCommerce Web Application Using Laravel

Laravel Ecommerce Application
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More than a million websites and web applications have been developed in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia, and the rest of the world until now using Laravel. Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework that is the perfect choice for building an eCommerce web application as it requires less coding and has a rich in-built library to reduce the world. Laravel web development is also very popular across the globe and if you are stuck somewhere, the community will help you out.

In this article, you are going to learn about the tools and different ways you can use Laravel to develop an eCommerce web application.

Tools for eCommerce App Development

Handling tools and libraries is easy with Laravel as one of the best Laravel development services is the composer. Laravel Composer acts like a package manager that manages libraries and dependencies in a standardised format. You have to use a command line to run Laravel Composer and install libraries.

Here are five Laravel tools you need for developing an eCommerce web application using Laravel:

1. Get Candy

Get Candy is an open source eCommerce API & admin hub, which comes handy during the development process.

2. Aimeos

Aimeos is a free and open-source online shop solution and e-commerce package.

3. Redmin Portal

A content management system popular among the developers, Redmin Portal is famous for its flexibility. It is a backend administrative tool and developed specifically for eCommerce web application development.

4. AvoRed

AvoRed is a highly customizable PHP shopping cart, which is free and open-source.

5. Vanilo  

Vanilo is an e-commerce framework developed specifically for eCommerce development by Laravel. The company hasn’t fully completed the development of Vanilo but it will make your task easy.

Many Laravel application development companies use this mix of tools to help them with the development process. However, there are other tools also, which work in similar ways.

Choosing the Course of Action

After downloading the libraries and other tools, you have three courses of actions to choose from.

1. Using the framework

The process involving the Laravel framework and tools is the slowest and the most time-consuming. You have to manually code everything and then test it. We don’t advise anyone to use this technique.

2. Using e-comm. packages

In this technique, you use various e-comm. packages like the ones we mentioned above to develop the web application. It requires a lot less coding and the development process is faster compared to the previous method.

3. Using a Laravel-powered CMS

The development process is the least time-consuming when you use a Laravel-powered Content Management System. They are specifically built for using it with the Laravel framework. Some popular ones you can use include October CMS, Asgard CMS, PyroCMS, Lavalite, and TypiCMS.

They are highly scalable, offer superior functionalities, and are easy to customize. When you use CMS, you need very little coding, which has made this method very popular in this competitive age of technology.

One of the most popular CMSes is WordPress. The CMSes that we mentioned work in the same way. You have to create an account, choose your web application name and pay for the hosting services. The packages offer varying features and the prices differ accordingly. You then go on to add products and different tools to bring the web application together.

Getting Started with Laravel Web Development  

Before you start the development process, there is a lot of planning that you have to do. You have to select the hosting plan, design of your application, content, and so much more. While you concentrate on that, our team at Kanhasoft will concentrate on building your dream web application using Laravel. We are a Laravel web development company with extensive knowledge in web application and assure the best outcome possible.

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