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A Comprehensive Guide to Design Typography Logos

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Typography is simply defined as the arranging of brand’s name in an appealing manner; where different fonts are chosen and with the color combination, a beautiful logo is formed. The real challenge lies in the right selection of font and color shade when the internet is full of many suggestions for swimming into your mind. You have to carry out a deep research and analysis your company before pointing your finger in any font.

The choice of typeface and making layout are the prime concern of the designers that define their work when offering logo designing services Dubai. Whether you choose the grid style or a flat technique, the color scheme and design theme all contribute to making a superb logo. You may come across a lot of typography tutorials to master the artwork; however, there is something you need to focus on before actually dipping your hands in the production work.

Know Your Brand

When you plan to offer the logo designing services Dubai, you have to first take time out to understand the brand for which you are making the logo. You must see the scope of the work, the core values and prominent trait of their services. Observe their performance stats and how that brand is different from all of those who are promoting more or else the same product/ service.

You must know the trait that can play a major role in driving customers closer to the fold. The message you want to deliver and the goals you want to highlight, all of these things must be on your dashboard before you sign up to a professional tool.

Know Your Audience

Once you know deeply about your company, the next big thing you have to do is to understand your customers. You have to follow different forums and check their feedback, which they have submitted for similar products. Learn about the problems, they are acing and what quality standard do they want. After recognizing their needs and demands, you can be able to pitch them perfectly through a brilliant logo design.

Age and preferences are the two most important things that you must be aware of about your customers. You must know what kind of approach would please your customers and how to engage them. Most importantly, you have to think about the major possibilities of associations that can come in their mind just by looking at your logo. Creating a psychological impact is necessary for log designing.

Learn About The Visuals Basics

Based on the understating you grab about the company and its people, you then have to step a little further in creating the design. You now have to choose the font. But before you pick any you should learn about the basics. See, how the most common font style influences emotions with few twist and turns.

  • Serif: is a sign of respectful and repeated entity. It highlights reliability and comfort.
  • Sans Serif: highlights objective and fresh
  • Script Type: it looks like handwritten, highlight elegance and creativity
  • Decorative: It shows uniqueness and creativity with a high paying image.

That’s how each of the fonts impacts the mood and defines the personality of a company. With simple alteration, you can throw an entirely different feel on your viewers. You just have to grow your understanding related to the various fonts.

Color Scheme Selection

It might come to you much of a surprise that you can deliver a broad range of messages by adding two to three shades of colors in your logo. The famous example if the logo of Google. You can see the different shades each highlighting a purpose. No lengthy text is included no tagline or slogan just the name and colors are able to deliver the rich meanings and messages.

The grey shade is the best to use for highlighting balanced and calm look, the purple for creativity, orange for entrainment and fun, red for love, cheerfulness and boldness, yellow for freshness and clarity and green for nature, purity and health. Apart from these hues if you play with their intensities you can be able to depict an entirely different set of meanings. For instance, deep blue reflects professionalism while mostly the lighter shades of blue are used for baby boy collections.

Beware of Common Mistakes

It may look simple to create a typography logo but it requires a much-dedicated set of efforts. You cannot use too many fonts in your design. Avoid using trendy fonts as trends come and go but your logo is ought to stay for longer. The last tip is not to imitate others or copy their technique. Seeking inspiration is different from actually copying them. Bring something new and innovative to grab the attention of target audience.

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