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9 Traffic Sources Outside The Google-verse

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Do you think you have peaked with the amount of traffic you’re getting from Google? There are other ways for you to get traffic. A good SEO services Washington DC can help you explore other options. Below are 9 of the best avenues to do so if you want to maximize the number of visitors that you are getting on your website.

1. Bing

While Google clearly dominates the searches at a ratio of 9:1, Bing is still a place where you can get traffic. It is the default search for devices that come in Windows. People who are not particularly tech-savvy do not change their settings so they are an untapped audience.

2. Question boards

If you do not have an account on a website like Quora, you’re missing out. There’s a reason why people put their queries on these websites: they are not satisfied with what they see on Google. Most people answer questions and plug their website as a way to get traffic.

3. Twitter

Twitter is perhaps the second biggest social media platform that you’ll be able to get traffic out of. Do not let them being second distract you from the fact that their users are much more willing to click on outbound links which is a way for you to get traffic.

4. Reddit

A website created with the intention of sharing links, Reddit is the best place to go to if you have a website to share with other folks. An upvote and downvote system are in place. The highest quality content rises to the top.

5. Slideshow-sharing platforms

Sharing slideshows may not be something you think about when it comes to getting traffic. However, sharing your slideshow presentations then including your link to expound on the topic discussed is a great way to gain more traffic on a website like LinkedIn.

6. Facebook

You may be surprised to see Facebook so low on this list. That is because of their algorithm designed to keep users from going out of their website. Using Facebook Ads and boosting your posts can definitely get you the traffic that you need without having to suffer the consequences of being designated as a low priority post on user timelines.

7. Image-sharing platforms

Image-sharing websites like Imgur are great when you want to share photos and other images. Provide context as to what is in the image and perhaps link your website to gain more visitors. Similar to Reddit, high-quality content is usually rewarded with more visibility.

8. Forums

Though most people have moved on from using forums as their primary way to communicate with large groups of people, there are still niche forums going strong today. If you can find the right one to share your website on, you’ll get a steady stream of traffic.

9. Offline

Last, but definitely not the least, is sharing your website offline. Billboards and flyers containing the URL of your website will always get those who are curious enough to visit. If you provide them with a reason why then more people are going to be willing to visit.

Talk to a reliable SEO services Washington DC and rake in more traffic from these sources today.

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