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8 Benefits Of Unified Communications

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Mobile phones are conventional in most organizations. They facilitate smooth communication amongst employees and their supervisors. Each business needs a quality voice service. Initially, it was costly to set up a proprietary phone system. Some entrepreneurs were unable to keep up with the dynamic business environment. Currently, unified communications technology offers numerous benefits.

1. Smooth Integration

You can easily integrate your phone service with several business applications including client relationship management and email clients. It enables customers to make outbound calls. Contact managers are generally in charge of presenting client records for inbound callers. Moreover, it allows you to access voicemails through email accounts.

2. Increased Productivity

Unified communication solution doesn’t confine employees to their workplace. It allows them to use their phones to call clients even when they aren’t in the office. You can easily reach your staff from anywhere provided they have a reliable internet connection. Generally, PCs, mobile phones and tablets are useful communication extensions which help you meet your clients’ needs by monitoring your staff. They resemble a traditional office phone system.

3. Data Security

Experienced service providers set up reliable data centers to secure their phone systems. Investing in a complex infrastructure is prudent. A reputable provider usually has high-tech technical resources that provide unlimited availability, peak performance, and voice quality.

4. Easy Configuration and Installation

Unified communications technology allows you to plug and play your IP phones easily. Also, it helps users to access your phone service fast. Naturally, IP phones are crucial hardware in on-site applications. By installing the communications solutions, you can create an online portal to configure the phone system.

Furthermore, you can add, change or relocate your users. Unified Communications aids in customizing your phone service by accessing and controlling your solution. It helps in meeting different business needs.

5. Scaling

Any entrepreneur can add an extra phone system after hiring more employees. Additionally, you can eliminate some users and phone lines during routine staff changes. The communications solution enables you to choose phone lines that suit your investment’s requirements. You aren’t required to predict your future phone needs. Make specific changes in your enterprise to avoid incurring additional costs for idle phone systems.

6. Unique Features

Unified communications allow your business to access advanced features with costly on-site phone systems. Often, hosted solutions include call hold, call forwarding, call routing, call transfer, conferencing and non-disturbance features. Some providers offer high-tech features such as auto attendant, call recording and automated call distribution systems. You can add extra features including email transcription, voicemail, find me and call monitoring options.

7. Cost Reduction

Typical on-site phone systems need a sophisticated configuration. They strain your organization’s IT resources resulting in costly installation and frequent repairs and maintenance. However, you can cut down your capital investment in phone systems by paying reasonable monthly fees to access your phone system and your provider’s network. It enables you to invest in new products and services.

8. Better Collaboration

Unified communications comprise unique tools which improve collaboration among different stakeholders in an organization. It enables your business to adapt to competitive and environmental changes. Instant access to data helps in solving various organizational challenges.


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David Brown is a geek at heart. He’s worked and consulted on some major online projects over the years. David has a passion for helping people learn the benefits of steam lining their business through computer technology, thereby saving them time and money. His expertise in the computer world has helped companies time and time again, manage their businesses, employees, and clientele more efficiently.

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