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7 Best smart mobiles On The Market Today

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Are you looking for an exceptional smartphone? We are going to make your choice easier by providing convenient reviews on all the new phones launched recently in the market. If you have a subscription to an internet plan such as one of the Optimum Internet Plans, make sure you read user testimonials and reviews on the specs, features, and performance of the phone you want. We all witness the hype and craziness each year when Apple launches a new iPhone. People would stand in the queues to get their hands on the new iPhone. We would suggest knowing the performance before you buy it.

Read on to find which operating system, price range, and specs will suit your needs and choice.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a gorgeous 5.8” screen. It has a beautiful curved design and an incredible camera. You will be amazed by the quality of the shots. It comes with the innovative wireless charging, features water-resistance. It actually looks stunning in blue and purple hues. Although, the face-unlocking system that is recently introduced is not so efficient and is almost insecure. Also, it costs more than the Galaxy S8.

But his phone is a wonderful incremental upgrade, but since it’s a low-light camera, it is going to be a game changer with the new features in camera and otherwise. Android-users can consider it as a good upgrade.

  • Apple iPhone X

iPhones are always gorgeous and we can’t agree more. The iPhone X is a great blend of a beautiful OLED screen and handheld comfort. The telephoto camera on the rear outshoots the iPhone 8, especially in low light. The front camera works impressively for the portrait mode selfies. Face ID also works fine. It’s is still expensive as hell. The entire glass body explains the essential need for an insurance plan and a good case. It has a shorter battery time than the iPhone 8 Plus.

There is no doubt that the iPhone X remains to be a winning evolution of iPhone.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

This amazing phone one-ups the Galaxy S9 because of a second camera on the rear for portrait photos. The battery life is shorter than the last year’s model. It has tons of unnecessary extras just like the smaller Galaxy S9. The phone features a dual-aperture camera that takes amazing low-light photos in the auto-mode. This is definitely a smart choice for an Android user.

  • Huawei P90 Pro

The Huawei P20 Pro snap some amazing photos in low light with the three cameras that it features. The cons include no wireless charging, no headphone jack and no support to expandable storage. The auto-settings with the camera do not produce the best results always. However, the lowlight mode is groundbreaking and the stunning color scheme of twilight makes it a challenging contender to iPhone, Galaxy and Pixel phones.

  • LG V30

This phone has it all! Almost. It features a great camera, a huge and gorgeous OLED screen, speedy processor, incredible battery life, wireless charging, waterproofing, an amazing headphone jack and micro SD storage. However, the ergonomic quirks are actually making the V30 kind of awkward to hold. The camera has a little slow autofocus and you may miss a few shots because of it. Carrier-specific versions may come with some annoying logos and bloatware.

The LG V30 is actually a compelling alternative to the Google Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy S8 Plus. It fits just perfect in your hand and of course, your photographic needs. If you choose it, you won’t be disappointed.

  • Motorola Moto G6

It features the Android Oreo’s near-stock version, an amazing rear-dual camera, a sleek design and fast charging. And to serve as the cherry on the cake, it is incredibly affordable. But, the battery life is not very stable this year. Despite the minimal drawbacks, it has a sublime value and that is why it is here on our list.

  • OnePlus 6

This phone is blazing fast. It shoots remarkable portrait mode shots and has a nice, polished, and refined design. In addition, it costs way less than many other leading phones. However, it lacks the feature of waterproofing and has a comparatively shorter battery life than the previous version. It also lacks wireless charging.

But overall, it is an excellent phone. It gives many amazing features at an affordable price, which are there in very costly phones.

We hope our post was helpful in making up your mind about the right phone for yourself. Making the right choice is not as easy as subscribing to one of the Optimum Cable packages. It will need a comprehensive research on the features and specs, as well as a careful catch of the user reviews.

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