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6 Steps to Run a Successful WordPress Blog

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A lot of people dream of making a huge success out of their blogging efforts! However, only a few are able to make it big. Others have their blog existing without any visitors. Many believe a blog gets successful by merely being online.

Blogs have a tendency to grow through “snapshots” of conventional publicity. Exposure is the key. The key is to create a very strong online presence for your blog. Let people talk about your blog. This is how it works.

If you have already decided to start a blog and make your venture a big success, it is time to make efforts towards it. Listed below are some fundamentals of successful blogging you should consider:

1. Focus on Quality Visitors

If you are growing a startup blog, each visitor you have is valuable. Since this stage is not about seeing vast number of visitors, you need to focus on creating quality visitors. Converting a new visitor into quality visitor depends entirely on you.

A quality visitor is a hardcore fan of you and your blog posts. Also this fan has good connections and ready to promote your blog on your behalf. On the other hand, a normal visitor is simply a visitor to your blog. When we talk about quality visitor, he or she will bring you many tens, hundreds, or thousands more. This might be a direct or indirect invitation. You can attract a quality visitor with your design and content. An attractive fast loading design combined with unique, brief and informative content will help you achieve the goal.

2. Engage With Your Audience

Engage with your target audience is crucial. So take out ample time and make dedicated efforts to bond with those who reach you.

3. Your Audience is Important

You must value your visitors. They are valuable to you. Make sure you reply too each query, comment, mail, and tweet. Also be very thoughtful and courteous while choosing words. The visitor should feel truly valued. This action will let you gain a positive reputation in short time.

4. Convert Visitors and Recycle Them

Most bloggers fail to achieve success because they do not focus on recycling their audience. It is important to remember that attracting loyalty of target audience is a tough job. Exposure to large amount of information daily makes it almost impossible to identify one entity and the amount of money invested on brand awareness. When your audience starts recognizing your brand, it is a significant step in generating repeat custom.

People may visit your site, like your content, and leave. They might not return. Many of them do not have the time of patients to be a repeat visitor especially if you don’t focus on making this process easier for them.

5. Recycle is the Best Policy

Avoid any kind of waste. Start recycling instead. You can ask your visitors to subscribe to your content. The more subscribers you get, the better it gets. Initiate the process by placing a huge, visible RSS subscribe button. Thereafter, you need to place a newsletter signup form. Combine it with a nice incentive in a prominent place. Make sure you link to all of the social media accounts you have.

6. Show Your Presence Everywhere

The concept of being everywhere works really well for WordPress success. When you are everywhere, you contribute towards your blog’s growth.

Starting a blog is no rocket science. However, making it a success is a big deal. You need to work on it. Following the tips listed above will help you do so.


I am a freelance web developer & designer based in Delhi. Specializing in php framework, eCommerce, & responsive websites. Visit here to check out my portfolio: freelancewebdeveloper.net

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