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5 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Instagram

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Instagram has proven to be a most powerful Marketing tool for businesses that are looking to expand their presence online. If your business is not on Instagram then you might need to start your business on Instagram Immediately. Here is why?

Why Instagram for Business:

Instagram is one of most popular Image and video sharing networking site with 800 Million plus monthly active users. Instagram is a 2nd most famous app in the world which is available on Play store for free. Almost 60 Million plus images are shared on Instagram with 1.5 Billion likes every single day. The engagement rate for brands on Instagram is 58 times higher than any other social networking Platform. While the engagement rate for brands on other social media site is less than 0.01.

Almost 25 Million businesses from all over the worlds are already on Instagram. Instagram has 2 million plus advertisers from worldwide who advertise on Instagram and boost their sales. This is why Instagram is one best platform for your business to grow on Instagram.

According to Instagram Report that 60% peoples from all over the world are discovering new products on Instagram.

Reasons to Use Instagram for Business:

There are so many reasons to use Instagram for your business but here are few best reasons to use Instagram for Business.

1- Connect with Customers:

Instagram is one of the most famous social network platforms where peoples spend their most of the time. Instagram has one of the most engaged and active user databases. According to one research that found Instagram Engagements Rate per follower is 120 times higher than Twitter. Which means that Instagram is a good platform for you to getting yourself in the front of your audience.

You can share new photos of your products and ask your customers what they think about these products. So you will also get honest reviews of your products.

If someone doesn’t like your products this will help you to improve your products and products quality.

2- Reach New Audiences:

Instagram makes it easy to discover new peoples, new business, new photos, and videos. There are two ways to find content and discover content on Instagram. The first one you can use Instagram hashtags to discover new content and second you can use Instagram Search explore to find content. So you can also use Instagram Auto Liker tool to discover new ways to find your audience and target them.

3- Go Live:

Weather if you are own small business or big business, even if you selling someone products. The new feature on Instagram live video allows you to go within the front of your audience and show off your business and activities to attract more audience. The live video function is really interesting for businesses. Many businesses use live videos to show their products and give all the information live.

If you started a new business then go live in the front of your audience give them information about your products. Instagram users love to see behind the scenes activities on live videos.

4- Boost your sales:

This is not a platform that your get engagement on your post, you will also get sales from your post as well. Let say, if you published an image that is saying 50% off on all our products will get more attention and peoples will start buying your products.

One report from e-commerce platform Shopify found that the average price tag for a sale referred from Instagram is $65, compared to $55 for Facebook and $46 for Twitter.

When you are using products images then, be careful not to fill your feed with product photos with the same caption asking people to “buy now” or “shop now.” Instead, find the creative ways to display your products and let your images speak for themselves.

Instagram Also let you drive traffic to your online store or website. All you have to do is insert your website link in the bio section to drive more traffic and more sales.

Instagram Ads are also another great way to drive more traffic and more sales using Paid advertisement. You can use Instagram ads to reach your audience no matter where ever it is, Instagram will put your ads in the front of your audience and you will get more engagements, More traffic and of course more sales as well.

5- Instagram Analytics:

One of the amazing features of Instagram for business is to track analytics. You can see you all the statics how many followers you have, where are they from, their ages, their location and how many reach your post are getting and many more. This Analytics allows you to analyze your gained and lost followers, your most popular post, best posting time when your audience is active and many more option to make good marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts:

One of the hardest parts of getting started on Instagram is deciding what to post and what to not. And another hardest parts how to grow fast on Instagram. Because when you started a new business on Instagram you might not even have few followers that’s why we created a Social Media strategies and free guide for you. This guide will help you how to become Instagram Famous very fast.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my article. I hope you like my article. If you like my article you can support me by giving this article a bunch of shares. I’d love to hear your thoughts as well. Let me know in the comments below!

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