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5 Best Messaging App That Can Help Sharing Your Business Lifestyle

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Communication is the most important part for any business. A good communication is always need for stay linked with business team and handover the information commendably and rapidly. Business uses various things like emails and video conferencing for communication but it doesn’t have many features which makes their work easy. So here we are – 5 best messaging apps that can help sharing your business lifestyle.

VIP billionaires

VIP billionaire is a social media chatting app prepared specially for rich people. Finding those people who have high standards, rich, or well known in society is always a most difficult task. So VIP billionaire is here for solving these problem. Here this app permits you to chat with achievers or rich people. It allows businessmen user to chat with other, write a post and share photo and videos to other people. VIP billionaires understand the standard and stimulation of class so they provide their portal membership to only privilege groups. It is specially made to build business association and connecting with elites who are the achievers.

It is social media messaging app for IPhone user or a networking app for IPhone user. It is a paid application which you can get on a social media platform.


Telegram is one of the most popular social media app that can help sharing your business lifestyle. Telegram is instant messaging app developed by telegram messenger. User can share messages, pictures, videos,location and documents without lessening the quality of them. Android, IOS, windows NT, macOS and linux  user can control this app. Messages and media in telegram are only client server. Telegram has its own unique stickers.


WeChat is the most popular messaging app developed in China. It offers text messaging, hold- to –talk voice messaging broadcast messaging, video call conferencing , video games , sharing of photographs and document and location. There are three types of accounts in WeChat: official account, subscription account and service account.  Official account facilitate the user by interacting with subscriber and pushing feed to subscriber. Subscription account allows push content and notification updates for subscribed followers displayed in the subscription area. The service account is made for businesses.  It provides a feature where businesses or companies create their own application based on WeChatAPIS.


Viber is a messaging app and voice over application functioned by Japanese Multinational Company.  User required a particular number for operating this app or chatting with other people. It provides a features where user can share images and video records. It also adds the option to call on mobile number as well as landline number. Viber initially a social networking app for IPhone user. In addition they added a feature for both (android and IOS). Viber became more popular day by day. Currently viber has around 900 million active user which means its covering the ¾ part of universe and that is a huge thing

Google Allo

Google Allo is a mobile app generated by Google for IOS user and Android user. This app uses  a specific number for registering and operating it. It has the features of sending messages, video and images with doodles and stickers on it. it has a unique feature of generating  the automatic reply suggestions and enable the user to increase and decrease the size and volume of the messages which is very accommodating for business presentation that requires in business. It learns from the user’s behavior that what should be the replying suggestion. It supports  the Google Assistant that entitle the user to ask a question and receives answers like two way communication.

Business messaging app provides every tiny information about their business to their employee or we can say that it offers that much information in a seconds  which makes the team informed and updated with perfection. The apps keep the team in a group or a loop where every one can be notified about their business at anytime. And also these apps are the most secured and personalized app.

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