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4 Unorthodox Ways to Monitor Someone’s Facebook

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Facebook has been the king of social media since it was first introduced. But it has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Several scandals of data breach and election maneuvering have rocked the social media giant. They have been quizzed by the US Congress panel of senators and by FBI for their alleged involvement in tampering the U.S. presidential elections.

But as it was in the middle of all this, another data breach hit Facebook last month which initially affected 50 million subscribers. After going through all these news, one wonders if it’s that easy to infiltrate into someone’s Facebook account. Well, perhaps it’s not easy but quite possible now due to the Facebook messenger spying app and other hacking methods. We have come up with four different ways to peep into someone’s Facebook messages or profile.

So let’s check out these four ways to sneak into someone’s Facebook messages without getting caught.

  1. Spoofing Emails

Many of you would be aware of the spam emails in our inbox, but seeing an email from your friends or spouse in your spam box is not normal sometimes. Spoofing involves simulating the email addresses of the friends, spouse, or children. It may also involve cracking their passwords or other details by mocking their email IDs. Spoofing an email address is surprisingly easy nowadays. Spammers can sometimes create a copy of a web-page to phish your credentials. All you need for spoofing an email ID is a server that can send an email and a mailing software. When the receiver or the target would open the email or reply to it, all the information will be sent to the spammer. And since Facebook alerts are sent to the email addresses of the users, it is a relatively easier process for accessing someone’s Facebook—not for the darker means of course, but to monitor your kids’ or employees’ online behavior for their safety. If you are interested in knowing how it’s done, you can get some ideas here from Hacking Tutorial.

  1. Using Key logger apps

If you are looking to trace every key your kid or any user presses on Facebook or to monitor the messages on Facebook messenger, using a keylogger app would be the best way to do so. Keyloggers are software that make a log of every word the user presses on their laptop keyboard or smartphone. Since Facebook is now mostly used on the smartphones, there is one software that can key log every word on Facebook messenger. Xnspy Facebook messenger spying app is a popular cell phone app on the internet for keylogging.

Using Xnspy keylogger is more convenient than spoofing email addresses. Just subscribe to the app on www.xnspy.com and follow some instructions to download and install the app on the target phone. The only snag is that you have to access the target phone for this purpose for hardly 10 minutes. But once installed on the phone, it can log every key the user presses on the Facebook messenger. One additional benefit of using Xnspy is that besides keylogging Facebook messages, this Facebook messenger spying app can also record keystrokes on WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype.

  1. The PC “Backdoors”

“Backdoor” here relates to a gray area in PC operations. It is actually a software or a computer system that is usually an undocumented portal. It can be used by the administrator to access someone’s computer for troubleshooting or do upkeep. But the same portal can be used to gain access to someone’s computer for security means. It is embedded in a system or software program for remote administration. Since the backdoor existence in unknown to the system owner, this vulnerability can be exploited to gain access to the system or data. Another way to use the backdoor is to send a file to your target person, when the person will execute the particular file, you will be granted access to the system. So you can remotely control the contents in their PC and eventually their online Facebook account.

  1. Use Monitoring Software

If you are wary of using other methods, then perhaps, this would make your objective much easier. Monitoring software are prevalent in the market and some of them are very popular due to their advanced feature. I just mentioned the Xnspy keylogger app, the same Facebook messenger spying app can be used to access a lot more than just keylogging keystrokes. There is no different method to use this app. It is available for both Android and iPhone. If you are looking to monitor smartphone of your children or near ones, then Xnspy is there to assist you. All you need to do is to buy and download it once on the target phone. It can track and monitor locations, read messages, and even listen to the surroundings of the target person. You can look into your child’s Facebook profile and it can be really helpful in revealing to the person they talk. You can secure your family members from the predators on the internet and from any potential cybercrime by monitoring their online activities through Xnspy.

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