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4 Electrical Mistakes to Avoid While Setting Up the Wiring of Your House

Electrical Mistakes
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As we all know that electrical wiring mistakes are so common to have in our homes, but if they will be left uncorrected for a longer time period, then it might become the reason of causing short circuits, electrical fires and shocks.so it’s better to get a EICR landlord to make your house or property safe and protected. Here in this article we are discussing about common electrical mistakes that you have to avoid while setting up wiring.

1. Mistake to Make Connections Outside Electrical Boxes:

The first mistake that people use to make while setting up the wiring of their house is to try making connections without using outside electrical boxes. Actually, you should know that it might be the biggest mistake that you can make. Actually, it is good to use a Junction boxes so that you would protect the connections from all types of accidental damage or even protect it from sparks, loose connection heat and short circuit.

  • The Solution Is to Add an Electrical Box:

    So, if you want to avoid this situation then you should prefer to install the electrical box, it will help you to keep all the wiring safe and protected. So simply install a box and then reconnect all the wires inside it.

2. Mistake to Leave A Plastic Sheathed Cable Insecure:

Next mistake people use to make is to leave the plastic sheathed cable insecure. Keep in mind that it is very easy to damage the plastic sheathed cable that will be left exposed in between the framing members. Due to this electrical code needs to have an extra cable that will help it to be protected in these areas.

  • The Solution Is to Install A Board with It:

    As we all know that our main objective is to protect the exposed plastic cover of the cable so for this we can simply opt to nail a 1-1/2 inches thick board with its cable that will give it a protection. 

3. Mistake of Cutting Wires, Too Short During Wiring:

Next mistake people use to make is to cut down the wires too short while doing wiring of the house. By doing so it will become more difficult to make connections or else it will lead towards causing poor connections. That can be very dangerous sometimes and lead towards causing a short circuit.

  • The Solution Is to Have Extended Wires:

    So, if you want to have solution for short wires, then you should prefer to have extended wires that will make it easy for you to make connections. All you have to do is to install 6 inches extended wires onto the existing wires.

4. Mistake Is to Use Outlets with A Poor Support:

Next mistake people actually use to make is to have loose switches or outlets that will look really bad. And side by side the can be too dangerous if kept untreated. We know that loosely connected outlets are easily movable that will cause wires to get loosened up from its terminals. Keep in mind that loose wires can get overheated and arc or else it will create a possible fire hazard.

  • The Solution Is to Add Rigid Spacers:

    So, solution of this problem is to get these loose outlets fixed. Also prefer to add a rigid spacer within it that will help to get it fixed appropriately.

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