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4 Common Myths About iPhone Battery You Need to Know

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iPhone is expensive, it has become a sign of luxury. When you spend a lot of money on buying a luxury, you are more conscious and take every measure to protect it. In such scenarios, it often happens that you start believing in the myths that are spread around. You might be shocked by hearing a few of the facts about the iPhone’s battery.

Unbelievable Misconceptions

We are habitual of believing what other says instead of doing a little research. That habit leads to lots of misconceptions which has no starting and ending point. Here are a few of them.

Overnight charging is dangerous

It has been very common in the air that you should remove the charger from the plug when not in use. Similarly, there is a group of people who thinks that leaving your phone plugged affects the battery. Well, a decade ago, this might be true but with the advanced technologies, the batteries are now changed. These days they are designed in a way that they phone only drains the required energy from the plug and once the battery is full, it will stop draining. So, with the overflow of electrical current, your battery is not damaged. In case, something happens, you can contact company offering affordable iPhone battery replacement in Edmonds WA.

Disabling features increase the battery life

Some of us unconditionally believe that when we disable some of the features like Bluetooth or Wi-fi, we are saving the battery. Well, such technologies are not draining the battery when not in use. They are programmed to drain the energy when you use them. However, the additional devices such as apple watch and other things may drain more battery. The Wi-Fi connections take less battery as compared to the mobile data, so it’s better to use Wi-Fi connections instead of data.

Auto brightness adjustment drains the battery

The professionals from Apple suggest that when you allow the phone to control the brightness, it’s helpful as compared to when you control the brightness manually. If you control the battery manually, you may forget to turn it on and that makes difficult to see on the screen. Turn on Auto-Brightness by navigating to “Settings,” and then tap on “General.” Under “Accessibility, tap “Auto-Brightness” to enable the feature and let your phone handle lighting concerns.

Incase your iPhone’s battery is facing some other issue, you should also look for computer virus cleanup in Edmonds WA. This may also affect the battery life.

It’s better to keep the idle apps closed

Closing an app forcefully won’t help you save the battery, says the Apple experts. They suggest that an app should only be closed when they are not responding. Remember that when you open the app again, it will take more battery as compared to the continuous working.

In case you are still confused about your iPhone’s battery, you can take help from the experts or look up for the details on the internet.

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