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3 Security Problems Biometrics Can Avoid

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Biometrics in the Philippines is incredibly popular for hotels, large companies, and any establishment that values security. In the years that have passed, locks, keys, and keycards have gotten their time to shine, but now, it’s all about biometric security systems—particularly for commercial establishments!

It’s no surprise that traditional security solutions that rely on physical objects have their disadvantages, especially in a world where everyone and everything is becoming more and more advanced. People already know that no matter how large of a lock is, as long as they have the right tools, they’ll be able to break it. For locks that require keys or keycards, you only need to get the keys, and you’ll be able to access it!

These are the fatal flaws that the traditional lock and key systems have. And these are the things that biometric systems aim to prevent! With that being said, here are # security problems that biometrics can easily avoid!

Unauthorized Access

Biometric systems solve one of the most crucial problems that traditional locks are prone to. First off, when you think of locks, the first thing that usually comes to mind is either the locks on your doors or the padlocks used for gates or lockers. These locks can easily be opened by using a key.

The problem here is that keys can easily be replicated and distributed to people. So in most cases, keys don’t actually fulfill its objective of controlling access to a certain location. Sometimes, people just leave keys lying around here and there, making it easier for just anyone to enter important rooms or areas!

Biometric systems solve this by removing the key factor, and replacing it with something more unique and personal—your biodata! With that, you will no longer have the option of giving someone else the key for a location, because the key is either our fingerprint, your iris or even your voice!

Lost “Keys”

Another important thing to consider about keys is that they are small metal objects that, when not always in mind, can easily be lost. A lot of people have problems with remembering where they place their things, pair that with poor eyesight or a messy table, and you’ll be taking quite a bit of time looking for your keys—that is if you haven’t lost them entirely.

As mentioned above, biometric systems solve this by removing the physicality of your keys completely and relying on your fingerprint, or any of your biodata instead—something that you will never lose!

Loss of Accountability

Speaking of entering unauthorized places, biometrics also doubles as a layer of authentication. Each fingerprint scan is only for one person—the owner of that fingerprint. And with that, the system will also record whenever and wherever they use it. Whether they’re the first or the 23rd person to enter an area, it will be tracked down.

Keeping track of your employees can help in looking for people that are accountable for certain things in the office. For example, forgetting to turn off the lights and air conditioning in the office, or worse—abusing authority and stealing confidential files—these can be avoided by simply using biometrics systems!

Key Takeaway

Biometrics is a proven system to secure any business. Security is very important for any business whether big or small. Setting up a system like this is a bit expensive but it is definitely worth it rather than investing on reactive security systems like CCTV cameras.

Biometrics in the Philippines is the future of security systems. Particularly for commercial establishments, if you want to aim for an incredibly secure environment, use biometrics!

Erika Ann

Freelance writer and content marketing specialist from the Philippines

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