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15 TV Shows That You Might Be Seeing The Last Of In 2019!

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Every year, there’s a season during which announcements regarding various of our favorite TV shows are made. We get to know if the stars of the show will be signing up for another season, if the show will be canceled due to ratings or if the next season would be their last. Fingertips start to tingle because no one wants their favorite shows and their reason for happy Friday nights to end. Shows with good ratings almost always return whilst shows criticized, don’t. But, there’s always a time when a great, highly appreciated show, comes to an end. A great example of that would be the show, Friends, which to this very day tears people up during its last season. In the present time, finding which of the shows one watches are going to end is quite unpredictable.

This article discusses shows which truly are ending and which might be ending. However, before we start will the TV shows, it is important to realize the fact that you will need a stable internet connection like the one offered in Mediacom bundles so that you can watch these TV shows without any disruption.

1. Modern Family

Status: Might be Ending 
Loved by many for being a family show, this show has continued enough for the characters to grow both physically and mentally. Even though the cast or the producers haven’t said anything about it ending yet, the show might be going through its final stages, as the audience tends to now believe.

2. Gotham

Status: Ending 
A batman lover’s dream, Gotham has been a fantasy serial, showcasing superheroes and villains which the viewers fell in love with. The last five seasons of Gotham have proved to be a great hit. Gotham without any doubt as told by the producers is going to have its finale soon.

3. Charmed

Status: Might be Ending 
What starts off as a disappointment usually ends as a disappointment too. Charmed recreated itself but could not match the previous cast’s or audience’s expectations. It had low ratings from the very beginning and seeing that it’s struggling, it is very much likely that the show will be put to an end.

4. Game of Thrones GOT

Status: Ending 
HBO’s favorite blockbuster is coming to an end this year. Based on the series by George R. R. Martin, the series has left the entire world in astonishment as the recreation of the fantastical era and great acting pulled off by the actors has made the show reach the very top. Though a book of the series still needs to be released, the show series is wrapping up with its last season this year.

5. Jessica Jones

Status: Might be Ending 
Daredevil being canceled on Netflix despite the fact that it had gained massive popularity, leaves us thinking that Jessica Jones, the Marvel production might be next. Knowing the history of Marvel fans being disappointed, it won’t come as a shocker to us if Jessica Jones gets canceled after its upcoming season which is already in production.

6. Orange is the new Black

Status: Ending 
The first of its kind, this show is based on the real-life prison story of Piper Chapman. OINTB gained massive popularity in a short period of time. Howsoever, the upcoming seventh season of Orange is the new Black will mark an end to one of our favorite binge watch worthy series.

7. Murphy Brown

Status: Might be Ending 
The show started off as a success, primarily because it revolved around a strong female lead and the show has continued for over ten seasons. But, as all good things must come to an end, it is rumored that Murphy Brown’s twelfth season might be its last.

8. Jane the Virgin

Status: Ending 
A comedy show with a great narration that keeps the audience engaged, Jane the Virgin is full of twists and turns beyond one’s imagination. The show is, unfortunately, ending with its fifth season. The very talented Gina (Jane) will be terribly missed!

9. Madam Secretary

Status: Might be Ending 
This show gave CW very high hopes because of which CW ended up investing in it. Whilst there’s no doubt that it is earning high awards and nominations, the show has lost its charm and many believe that the show will now be coming to an end.

10. You’re the Worst

Status: Ending 
You’re the Worst is a good show to give young adults a much-needed reality check and with a 100% rating on rotten tomatoes with its latest episodes, YTW is going pretty strong. The producers believe that this is all of the reality that the audience will be able to handle and hence, the show is coming to an end.

11. God Friended Me

Status: Might be Ending 
Unique shows always have a high probability of not making it to the viewer’s favorite list. They either are loved or criticized and unfortunately, God Friended Me falls into the latter list. CW howsoever has signed it up for another season due this October and we can’t help thinking that it might be its last.

12. Homeland

Status: Ending 
Back in 2010, Homeland surprised the show industry with its story, plot, acting and basically everything a good show requires to earn success. Soon after, the ratings fell because people found it hard to believe the plot after season three. Despite the negative views, Homeland managed to continue for five more seasons and now, it’s the eighth season will mark its last.

13. The Alec Baldwin Show

Status: Might be Ending 
Low on cost and budget, nighttime shows have become a thing. Most of them, howsoever, gave failed to grasp the viewer’s attention. The Alec Baldwin Show doesn’t seem very promising and we suspect that it could be ending soon.

14. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Status: Ending 
A sitcom and a musical, this show is an originally unique one. With an interesting plot, great actors living the characters, the fourth season of a crazy ex-girlfriend has been announced as its last one. A shocker to many fans, Rachel Bloom’s remarkable performance in the show will be missed.

15. The Punisher

Status: Might be Ending 
Just like Daredevil and Jessica Jones, it is highly likely that Marvel’s The Punisher will be ending soon. After all, Disney’s launching date is somewhere at the end of 2019.


Some of these shows are being wrapped up whilst others will soon be given their ratings and reviews. Some have given us amazing weekends and weekday nights whilst others made us switch channels. Either way, with these shows not being aired, the excitement of new shows will be there and 2019 seems to be an exciting year to witness new potential for producers as well as viewers.

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